How It Works

We are a paint it yourself ceramic studio. We accept walk-ins IF we have tables available, groups of 4 or less. For 5 or more guests including non-painters you must make a reservation. We recommend that last walk-ins occur two hours prior to closing due to the amount of time it takes to paint. 

Our studio fees are $13 for adults and $9 for children ages 12 and under. This fee covers the paint, glazing, and firing process.

Our ceramic items are individually priced with most being $22+. We have a variety of items which include home decor, dinnerware, children items, and seasonal pieces.

  1. When you come in we will ask for Full Name of Reservation, ask you to wash your hands before picking ceramics(Priced underneath) and show you your table.
  2. Then You can take a seat and pick 5 colors to start with, always welcome to ask for more(unlimited amount).
  3. Write colors on table and we will get them for you.
  4. We will bring your colors and explain a few rules.
  5. You have 2 hours to paint, once done you may leave everything on the table and check-out.
  6. All items take a week to process before they can be collected. We hold orders for one month after they are ready.